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Electromechanical operator for swing gate leaves up to 3.5 m


Slick design, silent and powerful performance.
Fully covered and protected endless screw, bronze transmission shaft.
Suitable to any context, easier installation and start-up.
Particularly suitable for reduced space installations.
Ideal solution for residential, industrial and apartment block settings.
Key-lock release system, protected by encrypted key.
The 24V range can operate in emergency mode during power outages by back-up batteries.

LEADER 3 TI230V-115Virreversible, leaf up to2.0 m 350 Kg
LEADER 4 TI230V-115Virreversible, leaf up to2.75 m350 Kg
LEADER 5 TI230V-115Virreversible, leaf up to3.5 m 250 Kg
LEADER 3 TI 2424Virreversible, leaf up to2.0 m 275 Kg
LEADER 4 TI 2424Virreversible, leaf up to2.5 m 250 Kg
LEADER 5 TI 2424Virreversible, leaf up to3.0 m 150 Kg

Leader 3 230VLeader 4 230VLeader 5 230VLeader 3 115VLeader 4 115VLeader 5 115VLeader 3 24VLeader 4 24VLeader 5 24V
Version230V230V230V115V115V115V24V24V 24V
Power supply230V ~ 50 Hz230V - 50Hz230V - 50Hz115V~ 60Hz115V~ 60Hz115V~ 60Hz24V Dc24V Dc24V Dc
Current1.7 A2 A1.7 A2.3 A2.3 A2.3 A0.75 A0.75 A0.75 A
Motor power280 W280 W280 W300 W300 W300 W50 W50 W50 W
Capacitor8 μF8 μF8 μF30 μF30 μF30 μF------
Thermic protection150°C150°C150°C150°C150°C150°C------
Maximum thrust2800 N2800 N2800 N3000 N3000 N3000 N2500 N2500 N2500 N
IP class protection444444444444444444
Revolutions speed1400 rpm1400 rpm1400 rpm1700 rpm1700 rpm1700 rpm1700 rpm1700 rpm1700 rpm
Max opening angle100° deg110° deg110° deg100° deg110° deg110° deg100° deg110° deg110° deg
90° opening time17"22"27"14"18"22"13.5"18"22.5"
Leaf's maximum weight350 kg350 kg250 kg300 kg300 kg200 kg275 kg250 kg150 kg
Leafs maximum length2.0 m2.75 m3.5 m2.0 m2.75 m3.5 m2.0 m2.5 m3.0 m
Duty cycle40%40%40%40%40%40%80%80%80%