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Complete range of high-performance sliding systems for industrial and heavy-duty gates. Smart designed in four different versions for sliding gates up to 2500 Kg.


6-STEPS digital motor version for HIGH INTENSIVE USE:
can manage up to 250 openings per day.
HI-SPEED version with opening speed up 20m/min for gates up to1800 Kg.

SOFT START extra power during deceleration and ELECTRONIC BRAKING SYSTEM to ensure inertia control even on very heavy gates.
M4 and M6 module steel cog-wheel for constantly smooth movement transmission.
Available with mechanical or magnetic limit switches.

Full ENCODER control for smart obstacle detection management and MEMO ADAPTIVE technology to fit in different weather conditions and to overcome friction changes, avoiding false-stop issues.

Q90 electronic board built on top the gear-motor for easy wiring and better protection.
TWINNING function to synchronize two mirror sliding gates.
SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE: allows to display the number of openings and to set a countdown for next maintenance service.
ENERGY-SAVING function:reduce both the consumption of wired accessories and the system when the automation is in stand-by mode.

Optional back-up batteries housing inside the motor (for 48V powered brushless version).
Direct plug to manage traditional and resistive (8K2Ω) type safety edges.

ModelVersionUseMotorGate up to
MATRIX 25230Vsemi-intensivefan-assisted2500 Kg
MATRIX 18230Vsemi-intensivefan-assisted1800 Kg
MATRIX BLDC48Vintensivebrushless2500 Kg
MATRIX HS48Vhi-speedbrushless1800 Kg

Matrix 25Matrix 18Matrix BLDCMatrix HS
Power supply230V 50/60 Hz230V 50/60 Hz230V 50/60 Hz230V 50/60 Hz
Motor voltage6 A4.5 A4.5 A3 A
Start-up current2.5 A2 A1.4 A1.3 A
Rated current 230V 50/60 Hz230V 50/60 Hz48V dc48V dc
Rated power550 W500 W350 W300 W
Start-up capacitor25 μF30 μF--
Standard capacitor25 μF20 μF--
Start-up thrust2000 N1400 N1600 N1400 N
Rated thrust1100 N900 N1000 N700 N
Thermal cut-off150° C150° C--
Max. opening speed11 m/min11 m/min13 m/min20 m/min
Max. leaf weight2500 Kg1800 Kg2500 Kg1800 Kg
Duty cycle50%50%80%80%
Operating temperature-30°C ++ 55°C-30°C ++ 55°C-30°C ++ 55°C-30°C ++ 55°C
IP rating44444444