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Electromechanical irreversible opener with articulated arm for swing gates up to 2.0 m


Ideal for large pillar, opening inwards and outwards gates.
Adjustable electric limit-switches to safely regulate the cycles even for the lightest of gates.
Strong and safe articulated arm, available in two length versions.
Embedded control unit.
Power supply 230V and 24V, for intensive use and emergency opening by battery pack in case of power-failure.

ADVANTAGE230V -115Virreversible, leaf up to 2.0 m250 kg
ADVANTAGE Q80A230V-115Virreversible, leaf up to with Q80A control unit 250 kg
ADVANTAGE 2424Virreversible, leaf up to 2.0 m200 Kg

Advantage 230Advantage 115Advantage 24
Power supply230V - 50Hz115V - 60Hz 24V Dc
Current1.2 - 1.7 A2.0 - 2.3 A0.5 - 0.75 A
Motor power300 W300 W50 W
Capacitor10 μF30 μF__
Thermic protection150°C150°C__
Maximum thrust280 Nm280 Nm200 Nm
IP class protection444444
Revolutions speed1400 rpm1700 rpm1600 rpm
Max opening angle130°deg130°deg130°deg
90° opening time18"14"14"
Leaf's maximum weight250 Kg250 Kg200 Kg
Leafs maximum length2.0 m2.0 m2.0 m
Duty cycle40%40%80%