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Electromechanical gearmotor for chain-driven sliding gates up to 800 Kg.


Ideal automating solution for those existing gates whose mechanical conditions limit the use of traditional toothed rack.
Inlcuded chain-tightening system to allow perfect installation and preserve the aesthetics of the gate.
Reduced motor dimensions make the installation suitable even in case of limited fixing space.
Built-in control unit with obstacle detection safety function and professional adjustment of working parameters.

ModelVersionDriving systemLimit-switchGate up to
Cat 5230V-115Vchainmechanical500 Kg
Cat 8230V-115Vchainmechanical800 Kg

Cat 5Cat 8Cat 5 115Cat 8 115
Power supply230V ~ 50Hz230V ~ 50Hz115V ~ 60Hz115V ~ 60Hz
Current1.2 - 1.7 A1.2 - 1.7 A2.0 - 2.3 A2,8 - 3,2 A
Motor power250 W300 W280 W330 W
Capacitor8 μF10 μF30μF30 μF
Thermic protection150°C150°C150°C150°C
Maximum thrust350 N440 N380 N460 N
IP class protection44444444
Revolutions speed1400 rpm1400 rpm1700 rpm1700 rpm
Opening speed8.5 m/min8,5 m/min10 m/min10 m/min
Gate maximum weight500 Kg800 Kg500 Kg800 Kg
Duty cycle40%40%40%40%