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Intensive use 24V road barriers, for entrances up to 6 m. The perfect solution for residential, commercial and industrial car parks.


Painted steel body, with embedded red/green LED light. Stylish design to blend into any private or public setting.
Easy and secure access to emergency manual release system. Preset frames for photocells mounting.
INTENSIVE USE: up to 200 openings/hour.
QUICK OPENING: 2.5” for entrances up to 3m.
TWINNING function to synchronize two mirror-opening barriers.
Built-in ENCODER to ensure maximum precision in slowdown and obstacle detection.
SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE: allows to display the number of openings and to set a countdown for next maintenance service.
ENERGY-SAVING function: reduce the consumption of both wired accessories and system when the automation is in stand-by mode.
One version only for both left and right side installation.
Optional back-up batteries housing inside the barrier cover.
Bumper edge with embeddable LED light strip.
Complete with fastening plate and tie rods.
Available also with articulated boom for undeground car parks.

ModelPower SupplyOpening timeOpening
S-PARK 424V2.5” - 4“up to 4 m
S-PARK 624V4,5” - 6”up to 6 m

Main power supply230V ~ 50/60Hz230V ~ 50/60Hz
Motor Voltage24V dc24V dc
Motor Torque120 Nm180 Nm
Opening speed2.5" - 4"4.5" - 6"
Operating temperature-25°C ÷ + 55°C-25°C ÷ + 55°C
Duty Cycle80% (max cycles/hour 200)80% (max cycles/hour 130)
Control Unit Dimensions340x235 H 1210340x235 H 1210