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This Privacy Policy aims to describe the means of managing this site in reference to the handling of user/visitor personal data. This information is offered also in compliance with Art. 13 of Legislative Decree 196/03 – Code for the Protection of Personal Data of those connecting to the Proteco S.r.l. website at
The information here is offered only for the website indicated above and not for any other websites accessed by the user through any hyperlinks.

The website is owned and managed by Proteco S.r.l. and guarantees compliance with the laws governing the protection of personal data (Leg. Decree 196/03), in accordance with the Company’s own ethics.

Users/Visitors must carefully read this Privacy Policy prior to sending any type of personal information and/or filling out any electronic form found on this site.

Types of data handled and purpose of the data handling.

1) Navigation data

The information systems and software procedures involved in the operation of this site obtain some personal data in the normal functioning which are then transmitted exclusively for the use of Internet Protocol Communication.

This involves information that, due to its nature, could, by association and elaboration of the data held by third parties, allow for identification of the users/visitors (ex. IP address, computer domain names used to connect to the site, etc.).

This data is used only for statistical type information (and therefore anonymous) and to ensure proper functioning of the site.

No data obtained from the web service will be shared or distributed.

2) Data given voluntarily by users/visitors

In connecting to the site, should any users/visitors send personal data to request information, or to send requests via email, this would allow Proteco S.r.l. to obtain the sender’s address and/or other personal data that would be handled exclusively to respond to the request. Personal data furnished by users/visitors shall be forwarded to third parties only when the communication is necessary to fulfill the requests of those same users/visitors.

3) Cookies

Proteco S.r.l. uses cookies as well as cookie type files on its website.

We refer to these generally as “cookies”. If your browser settings accept the cookies, the use of our cookies will be considered accepted. These cookies allow us to improve our websites by observing how they are used.

We run analytical profiling also to understand, for example, how individual users read a particular article or specific section.

We also observe where access occurs to the content in order to understand how to organize the site for a better user experience. We count the clicks on the “Like” plug-ins and which content from our sites has been shared or referenced.

We examine the type of reference used to access our sites, for example an email campaign or link from a reference site, so as to evaluate the efficacy of our promotions and advertising campaigns.

4) Methods of handling

Handling is done through automated (ex. using electronic procedures and support) and/or manual (ex. hard copy support) instruments for the time that is strictly necessary to accomplish the goals for which the data was collected and, in all cases, is in compliance with current laws governing this issue.

5) Options for granting data

Except for what is specified regarding navigation data, users are free to supply their own personal data. Failure to supply may result only the in the impossibility of obtaining what has been requested.

6) Owner, Responsibilities

The owner of the data handling is Proteco S.r.l., Via Neive, 77 12050 Castagnito (CN) ITALY P.Iva IT03103050047. Within the company, data that involves it will be handled by employees and/or collaborators. These employees and/or collaborators work as dependents under the direct guidance of the respective data handling manager.

7) Rights of the user/visitor

Subjects whose personal data has been collected have the right at any point in time to obtain confirmation that their data exists or not and to understand the content and origin of it, verify its correctness or request addition to or updating of it, or its correction (Art. 7 of Legislative Decree 196/03). In compliance with this article, the user/visitor has the right to request cancellation, anonymization, or blocking of the data handled illegally, as well as opposing their handling for legal motives.

For information regarding the issues described in point 7, please contact: